About Us

Systems Technology Co.
P.O. Box 304
Huntsville, AL  35804-0304

The company began electrical and electronic systems contracting in the residential market in 1987.  A series of small jobs, a few employees, one truck, discipline and hard work led the way for what has become Systems Technology Co. of Alabama, Inc.

Since 1987, we have expanded into the commercial, industrial, governmental and Department of Defense markets.  Our total package offers:  Sales, service, installation and design, allowing us to handle most projects regardless of size or complexity.  We have become one of the largest systems contractors in North Alabama and continued growth is anticipated.  Systems Technology Co. is breaking the sound barrier!

The success we have experienced is due to three elements:  commitment to professionalism, responsibility, and the discipline needed to provide our customers with a quality product in a timely and courteous manner.  Systems Technology Co. has, and will continue to, demonstrate flexibility, innovation and commitment to professionalism in the contracting field.

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